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ITC image that resembles the brazilian ITC researcher Paulo Cabral


ITC captured video through video loop feedback method. To capture this ITC image,  we used an HD video camera, infrared and black lights directed to the television screen. Analyzing the video frame by frame, we selected this image that reminded us of the ITC researcher Paulo Cabral. We must take into account the fact that ITC images don't have the sharpness of a real photography and is always accompanied by noise, generated by the method itself. In this ITC image specifically, we can see only half of the face, which also hinders a more precise identification, but compared with the photo of Paulo while alive, reveals details at least intriguing. Such as face shape, depth of the eyes, forehead, positioning of the hairline, nose, mouth and neck lines. These observations also made by the ITC researcher Suely Pinheiro, who began her research and study with Paulo's guidance and by ITC researcher Phyllis Delduque, that was Paulo's research partner. So, let this image be a small tribute to our friend Paulo Cabral, who contributed significantly to the development of ICT in Brazil and deserves to be remembered by the teachings left for future generations. Thank you Paulo Cabral!

Paulo Roberto Gomes Cabral was a Brazilian ITC researcher. He began his research in the late 90s and continued until 2007, when he passed. Paulo performed his research in partnership with Phyllis Delduque ( ( He also used video loop feedback as a method for obtaining ITC images. Paulo encouraged each researcher to seek answers through their own experiments. Instrumental Transcommunication was for him, a way to search for spirituality, individually. What drove his research foward was the need to get an answer to what happens after the death of the physical body.



Sources :  Website - Além da Ciência - Interview with brazilian ITC researcher Paulo Cabral - "What we discovered was our interior phone with the beyond", Parts 1 e 2. (

ITC researcher Phyllis Delduque's website  - Picture used for comparison.( 

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