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Instrumental Transcommunication


"…..Keep in mind if and when you sit down to tape, who and what you are, largely determines the kind of spirit who comes to speak."

Quote from: AA-EVP NEWS Spring 1998 – Quarterly Newsletter Vol 17 Number 1 – Chapter "Like attracts Like".(World ITC Association - Marc Macy).


Instrumental Transcommunication or ITC is the communication with other dimensions of existence through electronic devices, such as radios, telephones, printers, fax machines, computers and TVs, digital recorders, etc. The term ITC was created in the 80s by the German physicist and engineer Dr. Ernst Senkowski and is the combination of the words "Transcendental" (beyond - of or relating to a spiritual or nonphysical realm) and "Communication". The difference between ITC and other types of communication with the beyond (channeling, automatic writing, direct voice, materialization, typtology/ rapping) is the fact that ITC does not directly require the presence of a medium. This communication is done through electronic devices. Although, the presence of a medium is not essential for ITC, we consider mediumship, to any degree, an important factor that can help very much the research. Like any communication coming from beyond the contact initiative is from the communicators of another dimension, and through intuition, direct us to initiate the contacts. We incarnated, only must be willing and prepared to receive the contacts, which can take months to happen. "Patience and Dedication," was the first advice that we received from our communicator and friend, Roberto Gomes from the Timestream Station and is the same that we recommend to all friends that want to start the contacts. Our contacts began in December 2012. Initially, we were able to contact the Central Station, which soon changed  to Timestream Station. We should always try to seek contact with any station or bridge, because this will make the contacts safer and with less lower entities interference. Gradually, the contacts will create a "contact field", which protects the contacts and helps improve the quality of audio and images. Our contacts on the other side, Roberto Gomes and Ana Luiza (spirits), remain fixed until now. It is also through them that the contacts with our loved ones in the afterlife happen. However, these contacts are not always possible and depends largely on the condition of the spirit after its passage. To start any ITC research is recommended that researchers study books about ICT and the spiritual world, to have a better sense of what life is like in the afterlife and what possibly they will experience when they start their research. We must remember always that individuals maintains the characteristics of their personalities when incarnated after making their passage to the afterlife, so we must take great care and not blindly believe everything that is presented. We must pay close attention to the content of the messages. Our communications rely heavily on our personal vibration, how we conduct our lives and relationships, our character and balance and it's more important that equipment. This determines who we attract as communicating entities. We can not forget that they see us and hear us, including our thoughts. The reason for researching ITC is another very important factor. The purpose of  ITC should be first of all, to show the message that death does not exist and that life goes on, that our loved ones are alive, love us and we will meet again at some point, which brings comfort to the families who stay here on Earth. The messages that are transmitted also bring very personal, individual growth and end up changing our way of seeing life on Earth. It is a way to raise awareness, to review our personal values. ITC should be subject of study and research, but always with great seriousness and respect, never as a joke or for trivial, selfish reasons. We Adriana and Simone, are immensely grateful to or friends of Timestream Station, for their kindness, dedication and confidence. We hope to correspond with responsibility the mission entrusted to us.

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