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"Oscillation fields are the pre-requisite for transmissions from the Beyond to our world on our time-bound level. Without these, the entities in the Beyond would not be able to impart themselves to us. Certainly, they are always present and try to find contact with us, but only when we open ourselves in love and long for contact, the vibration fields can unite on the spiritual level, and the Beyond is able to communicate with this world.” 

 Klaus Schreiber

(Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication -by Hildegard Schaefer).


The German researcher Klaus Schreiber was a cheerful, kind man and loved friends and parties, but his life was marked by heavy losses and economic hardship. His childhood was surrounded by poverty , due to World War II and his father's unemployment.

He married his first wife Gertrud in 1946 and his son Robert was born in the same year. Fourteen years later, his daughter Karin was born in 1960, their fourth child. Gertrud died shortly after childbirth, and Karin ended up being created by Klaus's brother and sister-in-law. In 1968, at the age of 22 years, Robert suffers a motorcycle accident and dies. Klaus's mother died at the age of 81, in 1977. Karin, at eighteen (1978), was injured at work, was not well cared for, and died. Klaus's nephew died shortly after Karin and his sister-in-law not endured the pain caused by the loss of her son, also died a few months later. His brother-in-law, a veteran soldier, who was seriously wounded during the War, kills himself.

Klaus Schreiber, a fire protection technician  retired at the age of 59 , in 1982, due to health problems such as arthritis and bronchitis, staying at his home in Aachen. Germany.

On a morning of 1982, Klaus was listening  the show "Incredible Stories" (amazing stories), on  RTL (Radio Télévision Luxembourg), about the electronic voice phenomena, was the moment that changed her life. Klaus, on the same night, during a meeting with friends in the basement of his house, decided to comment on what was heard in the morning on the radio about EVP. After discussion with his friends, Klaus decided to do an experiment. He got  a  tape recorder, put a virgin tape and started a recording, addressed toPeter, a deceased friend of all those present at the meeting. To everyone's surprise, Peter responds: "hello friends" and the voice and accent were equal to his. This was the last party in the basement. After this event, Klaus turned his basement into a laboratory for audio and video recordings.

During his experiments he soon heard the voice of his daughter, Karin, who went on to mediate contacts with the other family members. In their experiments, Claus used the psychophone, invented by Austrian engineer Franz Seidl. He also used the same radio frequency that Friedrich Juergenson often worked with.

Klaus Schreiber had no technical knowledge, but the great love he had for his family created the necessary bridge for the communication to happen.

It was through audio messages that Klaus began to receive directions to capture the images: "we will come through television", "soon you will see us on television" and "Klaus, we appear on TV in an empty channel." In May 1984 he received the following message that motivated him to start with images: "Record on TV."He tried to shoot the TV in an empty channel, and also capture images in slow-motion/fast motion, but failed. More audios from friends from beyond said to him to direct the video camera to the television and so he discovered that the image of the TV appeared repeated several times, as an infinite mirror. Gradually, always with the guidance from beyond, he began to combine equipment such as video camera, black-and-white TV, video recorders and two video amplifiers (improve the quality and resolution of images taken).

Procedure for recording ITC images according to Klaus Schreiber:

1) Video camera; 2) Video amplifier; 3 and 5) video recorder; 4 and 6) black and white TV; 7) electret microphone; 8) sound enhancer; 9) UV Lamp; 10) Infrared lamp; 11)Aluminum Foil.



In addition to the UV and Infrared lamps, the lab was lit by ambient and natural light. The UV lamps, infrared and the ambient lighting were combined in a way to create an energy field and illuminate  slightly the television screen. The Aluminum  Foil reflected light on the TV screen. With the video camera pointed at the TV and a RCA cable connected, the camera transmitted and filmed  the TV's own image,  forming a feedback system, where the image of the television was repeated several times, as an infinite mirror. By changing the camera position (angle and distance), increasing or decreasing the zoom, adjusting the focus and controling the lights reflection , he got on the screen a kind of luminous effect that periodically vibrated or oscillated. The recording time was short, only 1 to 3 minutes, because the video should be analyzed frame-by-frame, and  was very time consuming. During the process of analyzing the video he separated the images that he considered interesting and some of them he filmed again and recorded in a second videotape, with the intention that the images get completed or that could form other images. Klaus get the help of his  friend, the engineer Martin Wenzel. Wenzel suggested the use of a strip of wallpaper that should cover 1/4 of the width of the TV. That wallpaper should have patterns or prints that would help generate even more images.

September 30 of 1985 entered the history of Transcomunicação, because it was the day that became possible not only listen to the ones in the afterlife through the magnetic tapes, but also see them on the TV screen. Klaus Schreiber named  his system "Vidicom". The researcher and German physicist Prof. Dr. Ernest Senkowski who witnessed the phenomenon, said the similarity between the transimagens and actual photos was so big it wouldn't let doubts.

Schreiber explained that this procedure activates a "morphogenetic" field  that strives to maintain similarity with a picture that served as matrix. It was a process that could be compared to what occurs in spirits materialization, where the spirits are shapped from ectoplasm donated by a medium.

Klaus photographed transimagens of many strangers, but also from his family and famou people.

In 1986 he suffered another loss, with the death of his second wife, Agnes. A few days after she sent him a picture of her in the afterlife.

Klaus Schreiber was a psychic medium. Probably, after so many losses in his life his medium ship strengthened causing Klaus to be more sensitive and receptive to signals coming from the beyond. He believed that love and the desire to have contact with loved ones in the afterlife was what really facilitated the process, and not just the technique.

On January 7, 1988, Klaus Schreiber made his passage to the afterlife after suffering a second heart attack, leaving one of the largest collections of ITC images in the world. His friend Martin Wenzel continued working with ITC images and was successfull capturing images from the beyond.

In his obituary was written:


"There is no death – there is only a passing to an other level of existence. – I am with you. "


The confirmation came soon during his funeral, when a friend picked up his voice on tape. The following year of his passing he forwarded to the Harsch-Fischbach, the Luxembourg ITC group, an image of him and his home in the afterlife, where he lives with his family.

According to the Luxembourg ITC group, Klaus Schreiber continues broadcasting images from beyond, hoping to be picked up by researchers here on Earth.




The daughter and contact of Klaus Schreiber in the Beyond, Karin. On the right, her photo when you living on Earth and on the left the ITC image of her living in the Beyond.


ITC image of his son Robert. Above, on the left is a photograph of him when he was living on Earth.


ITC Image of Agnes, Klaus' second wife

Klaus Schreiber showing how to do the Video Loop Feedback



"Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication" - Dr. Theo Locher and Maggy Harsch-Fischbach - Louxembourg.


"Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond- Theory and Practice of Transcommunication" by Hildegard Schaefer.

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